Thollor Realm

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"I like seeing the tower; it's like it follows me. It feels like it watches over us."
--- Villager, The Wizardtower of Perrimor---

Days start early in the life for the common man. All day he reaps crop, splits stone and saws wood. He looks forward to the harvest festival where he can drink and watch the woman dance. If he works hard he can carve out a good living for himself and his loved ones. He helps his community and it repays him in kind.

He does not bother himself with the squabbles of the noble lords. He fears not thieves or crooks. He does not pray to keep himself safe from bandits or raiders. What keeps him up at night is the horizon that houses powers and monsters which could take in an instant everything what he worked so hard for to obtain.

Stories within Thollor Realm

The Wizardtower of Perrimor


Path of Liam

The Nur

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