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'Gone Fishing' is the first written story within 'The tale of Gael'. It takes place just after the prologue. Click here to read that first.

Gael stands by a river watching the water. A bunch of big fat fish are quietly waiting to eat whatever the current brings. Gael decides that he will eat fish that evening. He takes off his belongings and looks for a good stick to fish with. Sharpening the stick, he walks out of the woods again. He carefully steps a set of stones so that his shoes stay dry. When he has found his balance, he focuses his spear and his attention on the fish. He throws and he misses. The spear remains upright in the rocky bottom.

He waits a moment before throwing his spear back into the water. This time he hits but the spear floats down the river with fish and all. Gael steps out of the water awkwardly and runs after the fish. After a bit, Gael wants to give up, but just then the fish with the spear gets stuck in the rocks. Gael smiles.

Gael left the river with three fish dangling proudly on his side. As Gael climbed up to the path rain had started to fall. He plowed trough thick underbrush and leaves, but stopped when he heard someone running. Stopped and saw a man wearing a light-blue tunic running over the what must be the path. The man was soaking wet. Though Gael was a quite large, the running man did not see him. Gael wanted to yell at the man, but didn't. Behind the running man two well dressed men on horses came in to view. They were yelling at him as they rode him down:

‘You think you can steal from us?’

When they reached the man they hit him with a club. Gael quickly ducked behind a tree. He didn't look and only listened. There was a lot of yelling and screaming but he could not understand what it was about. It went on for a while but eventually the two horsed man laughed and rode away. He could only hear the man wearing the blue tunic sobbing. With some groans and the man stood up and stumbled away. Gael didn't move and waited until it was quiet. When Gael left his hiding place he didn't see anybody and continued down the road.

After a few rainy miles he came at a village. He entered the inn, took of his wet cloak. He went for the bar.

‘I would like a warm meal’, he said to the tavern keeper.
‘That can be arranged’, the in keeper said, ‘It is a rainy day out there ay?’

Gael nodded and looked down tavern. His eyes fell on a soaking wet man in a blue tunic sitting shivering by the fire.

‘Came in with not a coin’, the innkeeper said.
‘He can warm his ass by the fire but I’ll trow him out if he starts to beg.’ The inkeeper added, while eyeballing the man. Gael looked at the shivering man.
‘Can I have two plates for these?’ He said and offered the Innkeeper the fish. The innkeeper raised his eyebrows.
‘Ofcourse you can’, he said after a pause.

He hands Gael two plates with steaming stew. Gael walks to the fire and hands the man the plate. The mans face was beaten up. He turned to Gael and said:

'Ah, so there's still some good left in the world.’

Gael nodded and forced himself to smile a little but went to sit somewhere else.

The story continues Chapter 1

Written in 2017

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